What equipment is needed for the production of N95 mask nose bridge wire? What is the production process?


Common specifications for finished products:


The high-speed punches suitable for the production of mask aluminum strips are available in two models: 10 tons and 25 tons. The combination of these two models has the following advantages:

The stamping speed can reach 800 times per minute, the aluminum bar output is high, and the finished product quality is good. Uncoiling, feeding, high-speed stamping and rewinding can be fully automated. There are two types of models: 10-ton high-speed punching machine and 25-ton high-speed punching machine. The 10-ton mask aluminum strip punching machine is suitable for one-out and one-out two production, and its vibration is small, and it can be placed on the second floor for production; Youyi 25 A ton of mask aluminum strip punch is suitable for one out of two, one out of four, and it can achieve one out of ten, with high speed and high output, but the vibration will be large, and there are certain requirements for the placement environment.

The complete collocation of mask aluminum strip production equipment is:

Planar electronic feeder [for uncoiling] = roller feeder [for automatic feeding] + high-speed punching machine [high-speed stamping production] + winding machine [rewinding stamping waste], which can fully realize automatic production, and has been counted recently Purchased by ten stamping manufacturers across the country for the production of aluminum strips and aluminum nose bridge wires for various types of medical masks such as N95 and KN95.