Little knowledge about hot melt adhesive stick


       The hot melt glue stick manufacturer uses the spiral spraying method. The hot melt glue is sprayed with a regular spiral adhesive from the spray fragments with small holes on the nozzle under the action of additional air pressure. By using the adhesive in this way, the amount of adhesive per unit area can be greatly reduced.

       Flat mold scratches are a common method of scraping. The molten hot melt adhesive is evenly distributed on the die through the heated neck tube and extruded from the riser with a predetermined film thickness and width. Most industrial hot melt tapes and labels are coated with occupying screws. If two stickers only need to be combined in part of the position, then gluing is a very economical, fast and simple process, usually using adhesive to fold the carton or cardboard combination.

        Adhesives for steel strips are similar to adhesives. This process can be used when two landing points must be combined in the form of a strip. Generally used are the side seams of plastic boxes, such as PET curtain boxes, wine bottle boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.