Is it more cost-effective to buy the nose bridge wire by ton or by meter?


       Some buyers will ask for two prices when they find a manufacturer, and then compare them. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it’s by meter or by ton, because manufacturers have already considered this issue when selling. Usually the difference between rice price and ton price is not at all. Big, in fact, when purchasing a mask nose bridge wire, all you need to understand is the cost. So you only need to know the cost of the nose bridge wire on a mask.

       Different manufacturers of masks use different materials for the nose bridge. Due to their production equipment and technology, the finished product will not only differ in quality, but also in weight. Different material choices will cause the nose bridge to have different shaping effects, so When purchasing, you need to confirm whether you can use it and whether the shaping effect of the nose bridge is satisfied. Generally speaking, the material with good shaping effect will increase the weight. The cost will be calculated on the premise of meeting the quality requirements.

       Then calculate the individual cost comparison according to the length of the nose bridge wire of the mask, so don't worry about whether to buy the nose bridge wire in meters or tons.