Advantages of PUR bulk melter


 1. Melt as much as you need.

The heating part of pressure plate type pur bulk melter is an aluminum alloy heating plate. When it is used, the heating plate is pressed into the glue barrel from top to bottom. The heating plate is located above the glue. When the heating plate is heated, only the upper layer of glue contacts with the heating plate to make it reach the melting point and melt. The lower part of the glue barrel is not heated at this time. How much is needed in production and how much is melted, so as to avoid aging caused by long-time heating of glue Quality.

2. When fusing glue, the glue is isolated from the air.

There is an O-ring seal between the heating plate and the inner wall of the rubber barrel, so that the molten liquid gum will not contact with the air, which ensures the service conditions of pur.


3. Effectively prevent glue carbonization.

The pressure plate adopts aluminum alloy investment casting, CNC precision machining, and the outer surface of the heating plate is deeply infiltrated and sintered by DuPont Teflon, which has the advantages of high coating strength and not easy to fall off. The glue on it is easy to remove, which can effectively prevent the glue from carbonization, ensure the best gum, and reduce the blockage of the glue conveying system.


4. The rubber barrel is easy to clean.

Pour an appropriate amount of special pur cleaning agent into the empty rubber barrel, press the pressure plate into the barrel, start the pur hot melt glue machine, let the cleaning agent enter the hose from the glue machine, and then flow out through the glue gun, which is simple and convenient.