The difference between 3M medical masks and ordinary masks


       The main object of 3M protective masks is particulate matter. The protective mask forms a space sealed with the face by covering the mouth, nose and chin of a person, and the polluted air is forced to filter through the person's inhalation.


       The body of the mask(5mm nose wire) is usually made of anti-particulate filter material, which is fixed by a headband or ear strap. The seal of the face and nose is usually shaped with the help of metal nose clips, but it can also be achieved by other methods. Some are still in the nose clip part of the mask. Increase the gasket. Since the mask has no replaceable parts, it needs to be discarded as a whole after it fails. It is also called disposable mask or maintenance-free mask.

      There is no essential difference between 3m masks and other masks. In fact, as long as it is a mask that meets the national standard, it can normally and well prevent smog and dust particles.