Buy a new car!


       Earlier this morning, I heard that Mr. Zhang of the company had bought a Buick car worth 180 thousand yuan. I was very happy.

       Xiao Zhang came to our company in July last year. He just came to interview the after-sales service of the PUR bulk melter technology. At that time, he seemed to be relatively introverted and didn't talk much. He just immersed himself in learning every day. Less than a month after he came in, he changed his position and switched from technical after-sales to tele-sales. For the introverted and uncomfortable Xiao Zhang, the tele-sales are all on the sidelines. It's been sold. During the 5 months of telephone sales, Xiao Zhang worked hard as always. Collected the major industrial applications of PUR bulk melter, including shoe materials, furniture, automotive interiors, fabric composites, electronic products, etc., through various methods to obtain relevant information, and insist on broadcasting more than 100 calls every day. The phone card was suspended 4 times by the telecommunications company in the first month of the call, but these can't stop Xiao Zhang's persistence in this job. More than a month after the telephone sales, he ushered in his first major customer, a company that is a car mat composite company, and placed an order of 100,000 yuan at a time.

       Looking back now, after five months of telemarketing, Xiao Zhang's whole person has completely changed, and there are always endless topics to talk about with colleagues like us. I remember a saying he often said, thank the company for giving him this opportunity, so that he can be transformed. The salary has also doubled since I first came in, but today I have my own car. Thanks to the platform of Baiqun Company for allowing everyone's talents and abilities to be displayed.