How to choose pur bulk melter?


       Pur bulk melter  has been developed for more than 20 years, and the technology has been very mature. Furthermore, pur hot melt adhesive has stronger viscosity and melting resistance than ordinary EVA hot melt adhesive. Put the cured EVA glue and pur glue in oil and solvent (such as methyl ethyl ketone, alcohol) , The EVA glue is melted, but the pur hot melt glue can still maintain the original solidified state, that is, it has strong viscosity.


       As the tendency of automation to change production is strengthening and the requirements are getting higher and higher, the application of pur bulk melter  in various industries is even more unexpected. Different industries require different glueing methods, such as glue dispensing, glue spraying, and glue squeegee. Application industries include food, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, electrical appliances, electronics, wood products, handicrafts, paper products, sanitary napkins, automotive interior parts and other fields.

Different industries choose different hot melt glue guns to match the glue test:

1. Gluing material and glue area:

For regular dispensing according to the designed path, the strip glue gun is usually used to dispense glue; the textile composite material has good permeability and requires a large area of glue, usually spray gun for glue; metal or wood large panel flat This kind of glue is also applied on a large area, usually using a scraper gun to glue the glue.

2. The amount of glue used per hour:

According to the amount of glue used per hour, it is used to judge the capacity of the pur bulk melter. Choose whether to use a 5-gallon or 55-gallon pur bulk melter.