How to operate the pur bulk melter safely?


1. The pur bulk melter  should avoid using around volatile and explosive materials or gases, and no flammable and explosive materials can be stored around the equipment.

2. The pur bulk melter  must be operated under proper protection devices, good insulators, or well-protected panels. Non-professional trained personnel cannot disassemble the machine. When maintenance is required, professionally trained personnel can only disassemble the machine for maintenance.


3. The use of pur bulk melter is also particular about the ambient temperature, and it cannot work in the surrounding environment below 0°C and temperature higher than 50°C.


4. There must be no fast flowing air during use. Because when the hot-melt glue nozzle assembly is exposed to fast-circulating air, the rapid cooling will affect the hot-melt glue flow rate of the nozzle assembly, which is prone to wire drawing.


5. When replacing the pur hot melt adhesive, it is best to clean the pressure plate of the melter to avoid the long time of residual glue on the pressure plate which will affect the product quality.