How should pur bulk melter be cleaned and maintained?


1.When cleaning the pur bulk melter, the heating plate of the glue machine must be separated from the pur hot melt glue barrel, and all power supplies must be cut off while maintaining the pressure in the lifting cylinder. When the pur bulk melter is taking off the barrel, the air pressure should be increased slowly from small to large. It is not allowed to use high-pressure gas directly to take off the barrel, which is very dangerous and may cause accidents.

2. When cleaning the heating platen of the pur bulk melter, you must wear special high-temperature protective clothing and high-temperature gloves. Do not let the skin contact the hot-melt adhesive barrel, molten pur hot-melt adhesive and heating plate and other high-temperature parts to avoid burns.

3. When the pur bulk melter takes off the barrel, it is necessary to fill the barrel with dried air, avoid using undried compressed air directly, and check the use of desiccant frequently.

4. After the pur bulk melter is separated from the hot-melt glue barrel, the pur hot-melt glue remaining on the hot-melt glue machine pressure plate must be cleaned immediately. When cleaning the pur hot-melt glue machine pressure plate, no hard tools can be used. , To prevent scratching the pressure plate Teflon coating.

5. After the pressure plate of the pur bulk melter is cleaned, a small amount of silicone oil can be properly applied to the sealing ring of the pressure plate for lubrication, and then the pressure plate is immediately pressed into the new pur hot melt adhesive barrel to avoid the pressure plate being exposed for a long time. In the air. When pressing into the heating plate, the air pressure of the lifting cylinder should be from small to large, and high-pressure gas should not be used directly to prevent accidents and pay attention to the safety of operators.

6. When the heating platen of the pur bulk melter is pressed into the new rubber bucket, the overflow valve should be opened to completely discharge the residual air in the rubber bucket, and remove the pur hot melt adhesive with air bubbles to avoid The hot melt glue of air flows into the pump body and the throat of the hot melt glue machine. After the air is exhausted, the glue overflow valve is locked.

7. After changing the pur hot melt adhesive, you must wait for the machine to heat up for 20 minutes before starting the gear pump and motor. If the gear pump and motor are started immediately, the polyurethane gear pump will be damaged and the life of the pur bulk melter will be reduced.