What determines the viscosity of the nose bridge wire?


       What determines the viscosity of the nose bridge wire? The nose bridge wire is usually used for external use on KN95 or N95 masks. Usually, only hot pressure bonding or direct bonding is required during use. The quality of the mask will determine the quality of the paste. Whether it is qualified or not, so the viscosity of the self-adhesive nose bridge wire is very important, and the viscosity effect depends on the use of glue materials.

       In the world, there are usually two types of self-adhesive nose bridge wires in circulation. One is the double-sided tape aluminum nose bridge wire. This kind of release paper that only needs to be torn off the nose bridge wire during use is directly attached to the position of the nose bridge wire of the mask. It can be used. The glue used for this kind is generally 3m double-sided tape, which has a mediocre adhesive effect and can meet basic use.

       The other is self-adhesive pp plastic nose bridge wire. This self-adhesive nose bridge wire is coated with a uniform layer of hot-melt self-adhesive on the back. It can also be used by tearing off the release paper when using it. Usually this kind of self-adhesive The nose bridge wire has a very good stickiness effect, and the stickiness can destroy the release paper.