What are the advantages of the nose bridge wire with a rubber mask?


       There are many types of nose wires, the common ones are 3mm single and double cores, 5mm and 8mm double cores, all plastic 3mm.5mm, aluminum 5mm, general single and double core and all plastic nose wires are built-in during production and processing, aluminum There are two types of nose bridge wire: hot pressing, self-adhesive and hot pressing, and 5mm and 8mm can also be processed into a glued nose bridge wire, so that it can be used without direct bonding when used.

        The new material on the market-the nose bridge wire with glue, improves the use efficiency by 30% compared with the original processing technology. The glue used is green, colorless, odorless, and has a strong sticky effect.

         In fact, different methods of use have their own advantages and disadvantages. Conventional disposable masks generally use fully automatic built-in nose bridge wires in order to pursue production capacity. The varieties can probably meet the needs of use. The rubberized nose bridge wires are generally widely used on KN95 and N95 masks. In use, when kn95 masks are produced, it is generally necessary to ensure the quality of their production, so some manufacturers will use glued nose bridge wires. When using, you only need to tear off the release paper behind the nose bridge wire, and you can use it directly, which is very convenient.