What are the advantages of pur bulk melter in the leather goods industry?


In today's era of rapid technological development, people not only pursue fashion for the appearance of products, but also demand higher and higher quality, especially the bonding of some items, which is a place of special concern for consumers.Today I will explain to you the advantages of pur bulk melter  in leather industry.

1. The curing speed of the pur hot melt adhesive is relatively fast, which requires the rapid spraying of the pur bulk melter, and the glue is uniform and smooth, so that the sticking position will not move and stick due to the long time;


2. The pur bulk melter spray glue can be applied to a variety of leather leather materials, safe and environmentally friendly, and has no peculiar smell. It replaces double-sided tape, 502 glue and other bonding methods. It can be used with a glue machine to automatically glue glue, which satisfies Current requirements for product quality and output;


3. The leather fabric is very thin, and it is easy to scorch in high temperature environment, while the pur bulk melter  can work at a lower temperature, it can effectively control the amount of glue, and it is equipped with a spiral hot melt glue gun to spray glue. , The sprayed pur hot melt adhesive can be cured quickly, the time is very short, and will not cause damage to the material, so the pur bulk melter  is very suitable for leather leather pasting.