The development trend of hot melt adhesive


       Hot melt adhesives have been available for centuries, however, hot melt adhesives based on synthetic polymers did not begin to appear on the market until the 1950s. The world's annual output of hot melt adhesives has been on an upward trend, with more and more diversified varieties and wider applications.

        Since 1988, the world production index of hot melt adhesives has been higher than that of solvent-based adhesives and water-based adhesives. Hot melt adhesive has the advantages of pollution-free, suitable for automated production lines, fast operation speed and low cost. It is gradually replacing various traditional bonding methods or adhesives, and has received more attention. The performance of hot melt adhesives is gradually improved and improved through grafting modification, blending modification and reaction curing technologies. New varieties and new processes of hot melt adhesives are also constantly developing, showing a bright future.