What production equipment is used for the built-in nose wire


       The built-in nose wire is produced through the processes of wire drawing, coating extrusion, water tank cooling, frequency conversion guidance of the tractor, and winding of the winder.

1. The iron wire ordered back is drawn into a large coil material by a wire drawing machine;

2. The PP plastic material is sucked into the hopper by the rod barrel, and the iron wire is covered by the extruder;

3. Flow through the stainless steel constant temperature water tank to quickly cool the coated iron wire;

4. The traction machine adopts a ball guide rail guide system, which can be retracted and stretched freely to tighten the covering wire, and it will not stop and wait when changing the reel;

5. The rewinding machine adopts high-quality micro automatic arranging device, which can rewind and discharge neatly.