Causes of smoke when using hot melt adhesive


1. The operating temperature of the machine installation is too high.

Generally, when using hot melt adhesives, the higher the temperature, the faster the adhesive and the faster the bonding speed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. When the hot melt adhesive is used as an adhesive, the speed and temperature of the adhesive are roughly in the form of an attenuated vibration function curve, with peaks and valleys. Therefore, when setting the mechanical operating temperature, you can refer to the opinions of the hot melt adhesive manufacturer and set the operating temperature according to the actual production situation.

2. The temperature control is out of control.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of glue equipment on the market, one is the glue box and the other is the extruder. For safes, part of the safes are heated by heating plates. When the pages of the hot safes are lower than the heating plates, the heating plates will be exposed to the air and continue to heat, causing smoke from the safes. The most serious problem is the bonded carbon. In this case The liquid level of the hot safe must not exceed the heating plate.

3. Poor thermal stability of hot melt adhesive.

Hot melt adhesives with poor thermal stability will cause deterioration such as large-scale main body disassembly during use. In this case, the manufacturer should be contacted in time.