How does pur bulk melter spray glue?


        At present, the popular pur bulk melter on the market is a platen type. The heating part is an aluminum alloy heating plate. When in use, the heating plate is pressed into the rubber barrel from top to bottom. The heating plate is located above the glue. When the heating plate is heated At this time, only the upper layer of glue is in contact with the heating plate, so that it reaches the melting point and melts. The lower part of the glue barrel is not heated at this time. How much is needed during production, and how much is melted, so as to prevent the glue from being heated for a long time and aging and deterioration.

        The glue is isolated from the air when melting the glue: There is an O-ring seal between the heating plate and the inner wall of the glue barrel, so that the molten liquid glue will not come into contact with the air, which ensures the PUR use condition requirements. The pressure plate is made of aluminum alloy precision casting and CNC precision processing. The outer surface of the heating plate is treated by DuPont Teflon deep penetration sintering, which has the advantages of high coating strength and not easy to fall off. The glue on it is easy to remove, can effectively prevent the glue from carbonization, ensure the best glue quality, and reduce the blockage of the glue delivery system.

         When working, the pur hot melt adhesive that melted above passes through the hot melt hose, and finally flows out through the hot melt glue gun to the object to be bonded. The same pur hot melt glue machine can be replaced by different hot melt glue machines to achieve a variety of applications. Glue way. The pur hot melt glue machine has a variety of gluing methods: spraying, dispensing, rolling, etc. The hot melt glue gun determines the gluing method.

          The glue rolling method usually uses a scraper gun, which is applied to large-area gluing processes, such as cloth compounding and large plate flat sticking; the glue dispensing method uses a strip glue gun, which is applied to a certain path gluing process, such as household appliances, electronic industries, etc.; Spiral spray gun is used for glue spraying, which is applied to small area irregular glueing process, such as shoe material outsole, non-woven fabric composite, etc.