What is the relationship between KN95 mask with medical protective masks?


        The N95 mask(5mm 100%PP nose wire) is one of the nine anti-particle masks certified by Niosh (National Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute). Particulate protective mask, commonly known as dust mask, as a special labor protection, domestic production of particulate protective masks require industrial product production licenses, products should meet the mandatory national standard GB2626-2006.

         "N" means a non-oil-resistant particle (NOT RESITANT TO OIL, the cigarette produced by cooking is oily particle, and the foam that people talk or cough is not oily); "95" means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the detection conditions specified by the NiSH standard.

         The N95 mask for the hospital is the medical protective mask mentioned earlier, that is, the outer surface material of the mask has the ability to block the splash and penetration of pressure body fluid, and also meet the medical properties of GB19083-2010 while satisfying NiSH requirements  Claim.