PUR bulk melter What is precautions when replacing glue?


1.After completing the PUR hot melt adhesive, it is necessary to wait for the PUR bulk melter  to start the gear pump and the motor, and the gear pump and the motor are immediately generated to form a gear pump, reduce the service life of the PUR  bulk melter

2, when the PUR bulk melter is sorted, it is necessary to detach the hot melt glue heating plate and the PUR hot melt tube, and the PUR hot melt rubber tub is detached from the PUR bulk melter, and should be inside the lifting In the case of pressure, all power is cut off.

3, PUR bulk melter is in the dessert bucket, the incoming air pressure should be subjected to a small to large gradually pressurized, and without the direct use of high pressure gas directly, it is not allowed to prevent the event.

4, when the PUR bulk melter, the operator needs to wear special high-temperature protection clothing, with high temperature gloves, can not contact the skin to contact the hot melt tub, melt PUR hot melt glue, and heat transfer plates Prevent burn.

5. When the PUR bulk melter  is separated from the polyurethane hot melt bucket, the special mechanism of the PUR bulk melter is needed to close the pressure plate and the pump body before consolidating the PUR hot sol satum. Channels to prevent curing.