What are the advantages of pur hot melt adhesive?


       Pur hot melt adhesives have more advantages than EVA hot melt adhesives. Many industries are gradually using pur hot melt adhesives to replace EVA hot melt adhesives. As a special spraying equipment for pur hot melt adhesives, pur hot melt adhesives have also been replaced. Accepted by many industries. So what are the advantages of pur hot melt adhesive?

1. Solvent-free, one-component type. Unlike solvent-based adhesives that need to wait for the drying process, it can save time, and there is no solvent that will not pollute the environment and poison the environment. The bonding process is simple and can be applied by roller coating or nozzle coating and other sizing methods, which is suitable for various automatic sizing machines.

2. Gluing at low temperature. The melting temperature of pur hot-melt adhesive is lower than that of ordinary EVA hot-melt adhesive (170-200). It can be applied at low temperature and can be used at 120-150, which saves energy and reduces the corrosiveness of the sizing device. , Especially suitable for bonding heat-sensitive materials (such as plastics, etc.).

3. Fast curing. The two sticky objects can be fixed in a short time (about 6-20 seconds), and the assembly parts can be quickly transferred to the next processing procedure to improve work efficiency.

4. Applicable environment: the pot life can be up to 16 hours at 150°C and 3 days at 90°C. And it has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance.