Children's mask nose bridge wire


        COVID-19 has not disappeared, and we cannot relax at all times. Every time when the children start school, the school has stricter control of COVID-19. Parents should prepare children's masks for their children. The face of children is smaller than that of adults.Especially for children in elementary school, they must buy children's special masks suitable for children. The length of the nose bridge wire of children's masks is usually 80mm, which is shorter than that of adult masks.

        The company supplies a large number of children's special mask nose bridge wire. With the increase in global epidemic data, the use of masks is increasing; resulting in a tight supply. The nose bridge wire used as a mask accessory is no exception. The function of the nasal bridge wire is to make the mask fit the face better and ensure that the virus does not easily enter the respiratory tract. The nose bridge wire needs to have a good bending shape under stress, there will be no rebound under the condition of no force, and the existing shape will not be deformed. There are three commonly used materials for nose wire: iron wire nose wire (single-core and double-core nose wire), all-plastic nose wire, and aluminum nose wire.

        Single-core nose wire, double-core nose wire: composed of polyolefin polymer + galvanized iron wire, coated with a layer of polyolefin polymer material (the company uses polypropylene material) on the iron wire with a diameter of 0.45mm-0.55mm. At present, most domestic mask factories adopt this type, which can be produced on a fully automatic mask machine, and the production capacity is relatively high. The manufacturing principle is the same as that of wire and cable processing.

        All-plastic nose wire: all made of polyolefin resin (our company uses polypropylene material), it has the excellent performance of bending and deforming with the action of external force like a metal wire, losing the action of external force and not rebounding, and maintaining the excellent performance of the existing shape. , It can be melted similarly to non-woven materials. However, the production capacity at this stage is low, and the cost is higher than that of the wire nose wire.

        Aluminum nose wire: stamped from metal aluminum plate. The advantage of aluminum is that it has good ductility and strong shaping effect. With hot melt adhesive on the back, it can quickly bond with the mask and improve production efficiency. The surface is smooth, no burr, and round elliptical corners. With stamping processing, mass production can be done quickly, and product quality is guaranteed! Safe and environmentally friendly! Meet export standards! Mainly used for N95 and kN95 masks.