How to use hot melt adhesive in winter


1.Avoid placing machines using hot melt adhesives in places with fast air circulation, such as doorways, vents, etc., and ensure that the working environment temperature of the workshop is above 15°C.

2. Please pay attention to the insulation of the adhesive material. If the materials stored in a low temperature environment are directly used for packaging or edge sealing, the temperature of the adhesive will drop too fast, which will adversely affect the packaging or edge sealing effect, and seriously cause the adhesive to crack.

3. If the temperature of the adhesive material is lower than 15°C, it is recommended that qualified customers preheat the adhesive material before packaging or edge sealing. If necessary, please add auxiliary heating facilities such as hair dryers and heating lamps to increase the temperature to achieve a good bonding effect. Ensure the quality of packaging or edge sealing.

4. When using hot melt glue, please increase the temperature in the hot melt glue box of the machine by 10-20 degrees Celsius, and check whether there is a difference between the actual temperature in the glue tank and the temperature of the instrument to prevent the machine's temperature control system from malfunctioning. The instrument temperature in winter is not consistent with the actual temperature.

5. The temperature of the warehouse for storing hot melt adhesives should be kept above 15 degrees to shorten the melting time of hot melt adhesives.