The application of PUR bulk melter is all around us


        Living in the 21st century, people's living standards have been significantly improved. After the material life is basically satisfied, they are pursuing a good spiritual life. Regardless of whether it is in rural or urban areas, sports have become indispensable in life, including morning jogs in the morning, walks after dinner, basketball sports, etc.,from country roads to urban streets, river dams to riverside roads, school playgrounds, etc. Sports fields, crowds can be seen everywhere after dinner. PUR bulk melter  has many applications in various sports tools.

        A pair of comfortable shoes is very comfortable to exercise, and non-slip sports shoes are a good choice. The traditional non-slip sports shoes are directly sewn, but after the process is improved, they are made with modern industrial equipment, and the non-slip shoes are made of PUR hot-melt adhesive. This production process makes the shoes light and flexible, and can better support the natural movement of the athlete's body. The PUR bulk melter can be used for automatic dispensing and production, with strong viscosity. Compared with traditional sewing, the production effect is very high, which can save a lot of costs for manufacturers.

        For the pasting of leather products like basketball, the effect of using PUR hot-melt adhesive is also very good. It will be harder after drying with general glue, and will open after long use, but not by PUR hot-melt glue. It has a quick-drying effect, and has the characteristics of fineness, strong viscosity, and strong ductility after drying.