Understand masks and PPE


Popularize common sense about the use of masks. Masks are basically divided into three categories in the market: 

1. Civil      2. Medical       3. Medical surgery

Civilian category:

The first category is not disinfected; it is called a disposable mask; the antivirus rate is 0%.

The second type is disinfected; it is called a disposable sterile mask; the antivirus rate is 45%

The third category N95; antivirus rate 95%.


Medical category:

The anti-virus of disposable medical masks is 85%


Medical surgery:

 95% antivirus rate of medical surgery

In the global fight against the epidemic, protective clothing and masks have become important protective materials. The role of masks and protective clothing is to isolate external bacteria and droplets. Only qualified protective masks and protective clothing can play an effective protective role. At the critical moment, making qualified protective materials is an important matter.