Understand what are the requirements for mask production


Quality requirements:

1. The raw materials of masks should not use recycled materials, should not contain harmful substances such as carcinogens, allergies, skin irritation, etc., and the residual amount of restricted substances should meet relevant requirements and should not be treated with chlorine bleaching.

2. The mask should be able to cover the mouth and nose securely, and should have good facial fit and no peculiar smell.

3. For masks equipped with nose clips, the nose clips should be made of plastic material.

4. The mask should be easy to wear and remove, there is no significant pressure or tenderness during the wearing process, and it has little effect on the flow of the head. Masks for children should use ear-hook mask straps, and there should be no detachable small parts, and the mask straps should not have free ends.

5. The mask should not have sharp points and sharp edges that can be touched, and should not cause harm to the wearer. There should be no exposed metal objects in children's masks.

Appearance requirements:

1. The material in direct contact between the mask and the skin should not be stained.

2. The appearance of the mask should be neat and intact, and there should be no damage or stains on the surface.