The choice of hot melt adhesive for the nose bridge wire in the mask


       As we all know, the nose bridge wire is an accessory of the mask, but what everyone does not know is how the nose bridge wire, as an accessory in the mask, is bonded to the mask? This involves the knowledge of glue, and there is a lot of knowledge about the choice of glue.

Briefly introduce the current options for bonding masks and nose bridge wires with glue

1. Use traditional glue for bonding

2. Use hot melt adhesive pellets for bonding

3. Use hot melt adhesive film as adhesive

Advantages and Disadvantages:

1. Use traditional glue to bond:

Advantages: cheap, the cost of glue is very low

Disadvantages: not environmentally friendly, very difficult to handle

2. Use hot melt adhesive to bond:

Advantages: The cost is not very high. It is between glue and hot melt adhesive film. It is also better than glue in terms of environmental protection, but it is slightly worse than hot melt adhesive film, but it can already meet all requirements

Disadvantages: In the production process, equipment that is easy to stick and compound will have a certain impact on production efficiency

3. Use hot melt adhesive film to bond:

Advantages: There are two main ones: compliance with environmental protection requirements; easy production and operation, and no problem of glue bonding to composite equipment

Disadvantages: will cause the production cost to be higher than the previous two methods