Can the N95 mask against COVID-19 be washed and how to reuse it?


        N95 masks against COVID-19 are now very scarce. Although many people have N95 masks in their homes, but the number is small, they want to reuse them. Some people will ask if N95 masks can be cleaned? So how can N95 masks be reused?

        N95 masks against COVID-19 cannot be cleaned. If it is cleaned, it may damage the structure of the filter cotton, because the filter cotton of many masks now uses the principle of electrostatic adsorption. After cleaning, the protective effect of the N95 mask against COVID-19 will also be reduced a lot, and it will also affect the mask’s sticker.

Can the N95 mask against COVID-19 be used repeatedly?

      If you don’t have a replacement mask, you can sterilize it with a UV lamp or use a hair dryer to blow it with hot air for 5-10 minutes. The premise is that the mask is intact and undamaged and clean. When the following conditions occur, a new mask should be replaced in time.

1.the respiratory impedance of an anti-COVID-19 N95 mask has increased significantly

2. the mask is damaged

3.the mask cannot fit on the face.

4.The mask is contaminated

5. has been exposed to sources of infection or droplets, etc.

 It is recommended to discard the mask and replace it with a new one in time.