What is the difference between a gluing machine and a hot melt glue machine?


       Many people often can’t figure out the glue machine and the hot melt glue machine. Today, I will explain the difference between the two:

       The hot melt glue machine is mainly used to melt the hot melt glue and convert the solid hot melt glue into liquid glue. The glue gun can be made into dots, strips, mist and other different shapes to spray on the products that need to be bonded. Above. The hot melt glue machine can be used independently after installing a manual glue gun, or it can be equipped with other gluing equipment for automatic gluing. Its application range is very wide. It is used in the automobile industry, paper packaging, textile fabric composite, furniture industry, etc.

       The gluing machine is mainly used as auxiliary equipment for the production of cartons, leather goods, shoes, etc., and is mainly used to complete the gluing action during the laminating process. The gluing machine cannot be used alone to complete the gluing and bonding action, and must be used in conjunction with the hot melt glue machine, but the hot melt gluing machine can be used alone to complete the gluing and bonding action.