Is the thin consistency of hot melt adhesive directly related to viscosity?


        People always feel that thicker glue is more viscous than thinner glue. They think that thinner glue will not stick to things. In fact, does this view hold true? Is the thinness of hot melt adhesive directly related to viscosity?

        We randomly selected different brands of hot melt adhesives from the market to test. Under the action of high temperature heating, these hot melt adhesives melt into liquid glue, of course, their thinness is very different. We try to apply glue on the same material to test their respective bonding effects. In order to ensure the referenceability of the test results, in addition to the hot melt adhesive, we make the application environment of each glue the same, and the adhesive material is also the same.

        After a series of instrument testing and verification, the result obtained is: for the hot melt adhesive as a single entity, its thinness and viscosity are not directly related! Regardless of whether the thinness of the hot melt adhesive is the same, it is also possible to have the same viscosity, but the adhesive effect shown in practical applications does not completely represent its true viscosity performance.

        Please don't worry about the relationship between the viscosity of hot melt adhesive and its thin consistency. If you encounter bonding problems, the top priority is to find out the problem as soon as possible. Again, very thin glue can be very sticky, and very thick glue may not stick well.