Three points that children should pay attention to when wearing masks


1.    How to choose the right mask for the child?

Because N95 masks have strong airtightness and lack of active behavior in children, wearing N95 masks has the risk of suffocation. Under normal circumstances, N95 masks are not suitable for children, and cotton and gauze masks have poor barrier properties and are not recommended for children. So, just choose the medical surgical masks on the market. Wearing a mask can greatly reduce the infection of respiratory diseases, but it must be of the right size and worn correctly, otherwise it will be ineffective protection.

2.    Pay attention to changing the mask

The inside and outside of the mask cannot be used interchangeably. The outer layer of the worn mask will accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides of the mask should not be used alternately. When removing the mask, you should fold it to protect the inner surface, and then discard it. Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

3.    The correct way to wear a mask

When wearing a mask, put the nose line on the top. The mask must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin. Keep the mask close to the face. After wearing it, press the nose clips on both sides of the nose with both hands and index fingers to ensure it fits the skin. , Airtight.