What are the advantages of PUR bulk melter?


1.    The PUR bulk melter only heats a layer of glue in contact with the pressure plate, so it will not affect the properties of the PUR hot melt glue, and the preheating time is relatively short;

2.    When the hot melt glue under the barrel is not in use, it will not be heated and will not be in contact with the air. There is no need to worry about deterioration, and no impurities will enter the glue;

3.    It is convenient to replace the hot melt adhesive and can save a lot of time. When replacing the adhesive, the pressure plate is always at the set working temperature, and can be quickly put into work after replacement;

4. It is relatively simple to clean the PUR bulk melter. Pour the cleaning agent directly into the bucket, and then flow out after melting.