What are the application characteristics of hot melt glue melter in packaging?


In fact, in some packaging and sealing processes, it is a very common processing principle to use heating to change the material at the seal, and then through the process of melting and solidification to achieve the effect of stabilizing the seal. Now hot melt glue melter, especially PUR bulk melter, can realize sealing in many fields during use, and the working principle of this equipment during use is also the same.

In the process of using PUR bulk melter, the sealing process is also realized by heating PUR hot melt adhesive. PUR hot melt adhesive not only has the characteristics of simplicity, safety and environmental protection during use, but also has a particularly stable sealing effect after processing. For equipment, you can choose manual glue or use it with other equipment for automatic glue according to the specific application. The simplicity, convenience, and safety of the operation are simple, convenient, and safe for new employees to be trained. Therefore, the PUR bulk melter is a very satisfactory product, and people's acceptance of this product is also increasing. It is gradually replacing the ordinary hot melt glue melter.