What are the advantages of 100% PP plastic nose wire?


In 2020, when the COVID-19 hits, people's demand for masks has greatly increased, which has increased the number of manufacturers of mask accessories "nose bridge wire", and the prices of all mask-related materials and equipment will increase accordingly. In terms of cost and processing efficiency, the number of nose bridges in the synthetic material solution is relatively large in the short term. However, from the perspective of environmental protection and material recycling, 100%PP  plastic nose wire will have greater potential in the future market.


    1. 100%PP plastic nose wire has no iron core, only plastic material. From the perspective of material recycling, there is no need to separate the iron wire and the plastic material, and it is directly melted and reused, which is much more convenient;


    2. At present, the commonly used plastic materials are PE, PP, etc. These materials have similar characteristics. From the comparison of toughness and extensibility, PP is better than PE. The choice of PP material for the production of nose bridge is more suitable and environmentally friendly. At the same time, some material manufacturers will add some filler masterbatch to PP, which will give better play to the advantages of PP material.

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