Is hot melt adhesive environmentally friendly?


       However, most of these substances are polymers and are difficult to degrade, so hot melt adhesives are not really environmentally friendly in the sense of the environment.

      So, why still say that hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly? In fact, environmental protection is divided into many aspects, and the environmental protection of hot melt adhesives is reflected in the production or use process. Compared with the solvent glue that belongs to the industrial adhesive, since the solvent contains toluene, xylene and other materials harmful to health, the solvent glue is toxic and dangerous. Be careful during use and avoid prolonged contact. 

      Hot melt adhesive will not harm the human body even if it is in contact for a long time. Therefore, hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly adhesives used in industrial production, and it has become an inevitable trend to replace solvent glues with hot melt adhesives.

So, how do we judge whether hot melt adhesive is environmentally friendly?

1. Odor characteristics: no pungent odor

2. Appearance characteristics: block or granular, yellow or light-colored transparent

3. Physical characteristics: cold flow phenomenon, that is, cold flow hot melt adhesive