What should I pay attention to when choosing a mask nose bridge wire?


      The COVID-19 in 2020 has put the whole world on the road to fight the epidemic, and the demand for materials related to the epidemic has risen bridge wirearly. Because of the severe imbalance between supply and demand, many people have gradually stepped into the mask industry, which has also led to the mess in the mask industry. The phenomenon of clustering, how to choose the right mask material supplier is very important, if you need to purchase mask nose bridge wire, what do you need to pay attention to?

      The first point is to distinguish whether it is the source manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer is not only a price issue, but the most important thing is the guarantee of product quality. As we all know, the effect of the nose bridge wire on the mask is very huge. Therefore, we must personally understand and communicate whether it is the source manufacturer.

      The second point is that you must choose a nose bridge wire of suitable specifications and hardness. The specifications of the nose bridge wire in the mask are generally determined in the early stage of the mask. This can be determined according to the product requirements, but the hardness of the nose bridge must be tested with samples. It is confirmed that different mask machines have different parameters considered in the design. Only if the samples have been tried, it is okay to order in batches.

Purking Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd as the source of the nose bridge wire, the manufacturer can guarantee quality problems. If necessary, our company can provide free samples for trial.