The application fields of Purking hot melt equipment are comprehensive.


Purkng automatic hot melt equipment, hot melt equipment, packaging hot melt equipment and other hot melt adhesive machines are the most frequently encountered tools in our daily operations. They are widely used in: small box sealing, packaging; books Adhesive-printed binding; identification labels, hook-and-loop fasteners; toys (bonding, fixing, wiring, insulation); handbags and leather bags; bottom fixing of shoe frames; small household appliances, wires, connectors, connectors; electronic products fixing, Bonding, insulation; edge sealing of furniture wood; bonding and fixing of small paper products, etc. The application is very extensive. Basically, we can see these hot melt adhesive equipments show their strengths wherever they come into contact with adhesives such as hot melt adhesives.


(1) Packaging label industry

The packaging industry uses a large number of hot melt equipment and packaging hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive coating machine has been widely used in the fields of trademark paper, self-adhesive tape, label double-sided tape, medical breathable tape and so on.


(2) Bottle cap bonding industry

Purking hot melt equipment are also widely used in the bottle cap bonding industry. For processing objects with small size and narrow cutting surface, such as cosmetic bottle caps, liquor bottle caps, chain pendant bonding, etc., hot melt glue machines are also competent.


(3) Shoe material industry

The Purking shoe material hot melt adhesive machine can quickly solve the bonding problem of shoe material enterprises.


(4) Automotive industry

The automotive industry is a new and large-scale customer in the field of hot melt equipment. Basically, most of the interior and exterior decorations on the car can be linked with hot melt adhesives, such as automobile headlights and rear lights manufacturing, windshield, door manufacturing and interior decoration. Manufacture of decorative seals.


(5) Filter industry

Hot melt equipment is widely used in air filters without partitions, with firm and reliable bonding, good sealing, and satisfying the physical and chemical properties of the materials to be bonded.