What is the function of the reflow valve in the PUR bulk melter?


Recirculation valve assemblies are important in the PUR bulk melter systems and are rarely calibrated during use. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer of the fuser has adjusted to the normal applied pressure value before leaving the factory. The main function of the return valve device is to adjust the main output pressure of the hot melt machine. When the pressure value is large, the amount of glue is large, and when the pressure value is small, the amount of glue is relatively small. It also protects gear pumps and drives to prevent the system from operating under overpressure when the machine is shut down. Before adjusting the reflow valve, make sure the melter, hot melt hose and hot melt gun are working at the set temperature, then loosen the screw on the reflow valve. The inversion time is to reduce the pressure value. Increase pressure value. Do not lock the return valve to the end when boosting, otherwise the load will be too heavy, the motor will burn out or the gear pump will wear out.


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