Features of hot melt adhesive


(1) Fast bonding Usually it only takes tens of seconds or even a few seconds from gluing to cooling and bonding"

(2) A wide range of bonding can be performed on many materials, even recognized difficult-to-bond materials (such as polyolefin! Wax paper! Carbon paper, etc.) times more than bend without cracking"

(3) It can be heated and bonded repeatedly"

(4) Stable performance, easy to store! Transportation"

(5) The low-cost hot melt adhesive has no solvent consumption, which avoids the deformation of the adherend due to the presence of the solvent! Dislocation and shrinkage and other disadvantages help reduce costs and improve product quality. "However, there are also some hot melt adhesives. Disadvantages "mainly due to low heat resistance and bonding strength, not suitable for use as structural adhesives" Because hot melt adhesives generally have high melt viscosity and poor wettability to the adhered material, pressure bonding is usually required to avoid This improves the bonding strength; in addition, hot melt adhesives require special equipment when used, such as glue applicators! Hot melt guns, etc. "Therefore, it limits its application range to some extent"