Talking about the manufacturing process of hot melt glue stick


Hot melt glue stick manufacturing process:

1. Weigh the raw materials according to the formula ratio of the hot melt glue stick and add them to the reactor. Increase the temperature to melt and stir evenly. Then cool the melted rubber material in the reactor to a certain temperature and put it into the running extruder. The extrusion speed of the extruder can be selected according to the different types of rubber. The extruder squeezes the hot melt adhesive into the water tank through a trapped extrusion hole on the extrusion head. The hot melt adhesive is immediately shaped when it meets the cooling water. The glue stick is initially cooled and shaped through the first cooling water tank and passed through the tractor. In the second cooling water tank, the glue sample is fully cooled and shaped. The running speed of the glue stick in the water tank is controlled by the extrusion speed of the extruder, so that the pulling speed of the tractor and the extrusion The extrusion speed of the machine is synchronized.


2. Adjust and control the relationship among the extrusion speed, cooling setting speed and traction speed, and then split the cooled glue stick into boxes into finished products.