Pur hot melt glue machine operation process


    Hello everyone. Today we introduce the operation process of pur hot melt glue machine.

First turn on the power switch of the socket, the leakage protection switch in the electrical box and the key switch on the touch screen, and then wait for 5 to 8 seconds for the system to start. At this time, the main screen is displayed on the touch screen.

Then press the "up" switch on the cantilever operation box, the heating platen will slowly rise, waiting for the heating platen to rise to the highest position, that is, the "limit position sensor on the platen" behind the cylinder will light up in red. Back to the cantilever operation box, we select the Chinese option, click to enter the system, set the temperature of the glue barrel, hose, and glue gun, turn on the heating state of the parts that need to be activated, and click the "production mode" button to start heating and return to the main Interface, at this time we can see that the three-color indicator light is yellow, indicating that it is heating. Since our third-generation pur hot melt glue machine has improved many parts, it only takes five to six minutes to heat up. Compared with the hot melt glue machine on the market (about half an hour), we greatly save the heating time.

During the heating period, we can install the plastic bucket first, then press the down switch, the pressure plate will drop to the mouth of the plastic bucket and see if it is aligned with the plastic bucket. After alignment, fix the plastic bucket fixing block on the plastic bucket. Avoid positional movement of the plastic bucket. When the three-color indicator light turns green, it indicates that the set temperature has been reached. At this time, open the exhaust valve and start the "automatic down" switch on the cantilever operation box to drop into the barrel. After contacting the hot melt glue, wait for the heat The melted glue melts and the glue comes out from the exhaust valve, indicating that the air in the plastic bucket has been drained. Close the exhaust valve, click the "Glue Pump Start" button on the touch screen, and the pur hot melt glue machine starts to spray glue.