Talking about the method of distinguishing the quality of hot melt adhesive


     How can the quality of hot melt adhesive be known when it is selected? Today, I will use several methods to tell you how to distinguish the quality of hot melt adhesive;


1. Look at the state of hot melt adhesive: There are many fake and inferior hot melt adhesives on the market. They usually use crude solvents or even industrial waste gas solvents, so this inferior hot-melt colloid is relatively turbid, and it will be stratified and precipitated after long storage; and it will have a serious pungent smell after opening the bottle. However, due to the relatively low price of inferior hot melt adhesives, they are often sold by operators with different specifications to make greater profits. However, once consumers use such hot melt adhesives, they release poisonous and harmful adhesives. Gas causes certain harm to people's health.


2. Choose a large-scale formal building material market to buy. We go to a large-scale material market to buy when we choose hot melt adhesive. Before buying, check the "Hazardous Substances Standards in Hot Melt Adhesives" online, so that you can know what to buy.


3. Know the product test report as much as possible: If possible, consumers can also ask for the test report from the marketer when purchasing. The test report contains: the applicable standards and numbers of the product, sample name, production unit, batch number, and sampling method.