Talking about the method of changing hot melt adhesive tape from coarse to fine


     When we buy back the hot melt adhesive tape, we may find that it is too thick to use, so what method can be used to make the hot melt adhesive tape thinner?

The hot melt adhesive strips are changed into small steps:

The first step: first cutting and slitting, and then finalizing and processing.

Step 2: Dissolve the adhesive strips

The third step: Carry out the thin strip shaping treatment

The fourth step: do the cooling treatment of the rubber strip

Matters needing attention for hot melt adhesive strips:

1. Hot melt adhesive strips/sticks will absorb moisture in the air. It is impossible to judge whether it absorbs water due to its appearance. Glue sticks containing water tend to foam when they are melted, and reduce the bonding strength. Therefore, seal it to prevent moisture after application.

2. Hot-melt adhesive strips/sticks are strip-shaped solid substances, non-toxic. No special safe disposal is required. However, the molten state should be prevented from touching the skin to avoid burns.

You can consult the equipment manufacturer for the method of cleaning the equipment, or clean the equipment with mineral oil or paraffin at 120°C, and then rinse with hot melt adhesive. The temperature of the glue should not exceed 150°C.