How to choose a suitable adhesive for disposable sanitary products?


      Disposable sanitary products are close to human skin during use. Therefore, the quality requirements of disposable sanitary products are very high. The hot melt adhesive used in the bonding process must be environmentally friendly, odorless, and transparent in color. The viscosity is also very high for adhesives, and pur hot melt adhesives have these characteristics, so pur hot melt adhesives are suitable for bonding such products.


      Pur hot melt adhesive is an adhesive that reacts with moisture in the air. It is coated in a molten state and wets the adherend. This adhesive does not contain organic solvents. There is no need to wait for the drying process, which can save time. No solvent will not exist. Environmental pollution and poisoning problems. A type of material that can be quickly bonded after only a few seconds of pressing. The cooling speed is fast, safe and sanitary. Secondly, it can be glued at low temperature. The melting temperature of pur hot melt adhesive is lower than the use temperature of general EVA hot melt adhesive (170-200°C). It can be glued at low temperature and can be used at 120-150°C, saving energy consumption. Reduce the corrosiveness of the sizing device, this feature is very suitable for the bonding of disposable products. Finally, in the applicable environment, the pot life can be up to 16 hours at 150°C and 3 days at 90°C. And it has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance. There is no need to worry about degumming after alternating cold and heat or water absorption. From the above points, pur hot melt adhesive is a very suitable adhesive for disposable sanitary products.