Talking about the reason why the hot melt glue stick is not smooth


1. The hot-melt adhesive itself is not heated sufficiently, which causes the hot-melt adhesive to be very thick and difficult to glue out. At this time, you should continue to use the hot melt glue gun to heat, let the hot melt glue stick become thin, you can smooth glue out. If the glue is not smooth after heating for a long time, it may be that the glue stick itself has a high viscosity, that is, a very thin consistency. At this time, a higher power glue gun should be used for heating.


2. The hot melt glue gun fails, causing the glue outlet to fail to discharge the glue or the heating component of the hot melt glue gun is damaged and the hot melt glue stick cannot be melted normally. At this time, a new hot melt glue gun should be replaced.


3. There is another situation that will cause the hot-melt glue stick to glue not smoothly, that is, the diameter of the hot-melt glue stick is too small, and the glue gun will slip during the glue gun glueing process, which will cause the glue to not flow. At this time, a thicker glue stick or a new high-quality glue gun should be replaced. (Analysis of the problem of direct smallness: The international standard diameters of hot melt glue sticks are 7mm and 11mm. In the case of the same length, the smaller the diameter, the more the number of sticks per kilogram. For example: 10.8mm diameter Glue sticks are 30 cm in length, and the number of sticks per kilogram is more than that of 11 mm in diameter and 30 cm in length. When many merchants sell in the number of sticks, the more the number of sticks, the better the price, but sometimes it is produced Due to the production deviation, the diameter of some glue sticks of 10.8mm will be lower than 10.8mm. At this time, using glue sticks of this diameter will cause the glue gun to fail to push the glue stick normally, resulting in the slippery gun.