What is the reason why the pur hot melt glue machine does not heat up?


Pur hot melt glue machine is an adhesive equipment that melts pur hot melt glue and sprays the glue through a hose glue gun. Gluing can be carried out in a variety of ways by equipping different hot melt glue guns, such as glue spraying, glue squeegee, glue rolling, glue coating, glue injection, etc., which are widely used in industry and life. The friend who used it asked me why the pur hot melt glue machine does not heat up. Today we will explain how to detect and eliminate the heating failure of the pur hot melt glue machine.

1. The melt pressure plate is not heated

    If the temperature of the plastic barrel does not rise, it means that the glue pressure plate is not heating, and the heater or temperature sensor may be damaged. The heater or temperature sensor in the pressure plate needs to be repaired; the fuse open detection light is on and the fuse needs to be replaced ; Check whether there is any problem with the temperature sensing wire; here, the heating module and the temperature control system should be separated, so that it is more convenient to repair when this situation is encountered. Some on the market are heating modules, temperature control systems and The three integrated touch screens make it extremely inconvenient to repair and replace parts. These are the possible reasons and troubleshooting methods for the melt pressure plate not to heat up.

2. The hot melt hose and glue gun are not heated

    Check whether the temperature control system is damaged, the fuse open circuit detection light is on, and the fuse needs to be replaced; whether the host connection socket line and the hot melt hose plug line are off; the hose heating line is broken; our temperature control system has 2 sets, check the set of hoses in use Whether the temperature control corresponding to the glue gun is turned on, if necessary, the hose can be sent back to the company to update the line.