What are the emerging application fields of pur hot melt glue machine?


    Many of my friends have heard of the hot melt glue machine, but many of my friends may not have heard of the pur hot melt glue machine. Pur hot melt adhesive is called moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive in Chinese. As a special equipment for pur hot melt adhesive, pur hot melt adhesive machine has the characteristics that ordinary hot melt adhesive machine does not have: the hot melt adhesive is heated and melted. The process is isolated from the air, the purpose is to prevent the pur hot melt adhesive from reacting with moisture in the air and solidifying after melting. The pur hot melt adhesive after heating and melting is sucked into the manifold through the gear pump, and then passed to the hot melt glue gun through the heating insulation tube, and finally sprayed on the bonded object through the hot melt glue gun.

     After many years of updates and iterations, pur hot melt adhesive machines have been very mature in various application fields, especially in recent years, many previous traditional water glue industries have begun to use pur hot melt adhesives for bonding, such as: car mats And interior decoration, air filter, cosmetic bottle cap bonding, non-woven composite, carton packaging, label pasting, shoe materials, furniture edge banding, large board flat bonding, electronics, etc.