How should pur hot melt glue machine be maintained daily?


Maintenance and repair are particularly important for pur hot melt adhesive machines. Every customer who comes to place an order will explain in detail the installation, use, post-maintenance and maintenance issues of the pur hot melt adhesive machine. , So as to make the pur hot melt glue machine more convenient to use and extend its service life.

Pur hot melt glue machine will be more or less worn due to various reasons every day; changes in the surrounding environment, especially dust, dirt, mineral powder, etc., if metal powder falls into the hot melt glue machine, it will not only Accelerating the abrasion of the hot melt adhesive machine will also make the bonding process difficult; and the power supply voltage, current load (pressure), relative movement speed, working temperature and so on of the pur hot melt adhesive machine. If there is no regular cleaning and maintenance, it will cause damage to the parts of the pur hot melt applicator during operation. Therefore, the hot melt glue machine should usually be cleaned every 5-7 days. After a maintenance, you will find that the machine operates as before.

Since maintenance is so important to pur hot melt adhesive machines, we should strictly follow the maintenance operations:

    1. The items that should be maintained every day are: Clean the surface of the pressure plate, Check the power supply and air supply connector, Clean the glue on the pressure plate, Drain the water in the air filter, Check the lifting cylinder.

    2. The items for weekly maintenance are: check the motor, check the oil level of the right air mister.