Talking about the solution to the impurities generated in the hot melt adhesive strip


    Impurities may be generated during the production of hot-melt adhesive tape. The impurities of hot-melt adhesive tape affect the use effect of hot-melt adhesive tape. So what are the reasons for the impurity of hot-melt adhesive tape?


    Impurities appear in the glue lag: one is that the temperature is too high for a long time, and the glue will be partially carbonized to form impurities; and the other is that the hot melt glue that has not been peeled off the glue paper (release paper) is poured into the glue groove. Caused by carbonization and blackening. In the first case, we should adjust the melt temperature in time, and the temperature of the glue tank should not exceed 200 degrees. The second situation involves how to untie the hot melt glue, peel off the release paper and completely clean it before putting it into the glue tank.