Why is the glue output of your platen hot melt glue machine not enough?


   1. First of all, the most important thing is the flow rate of the gear pump of the platen hot melt glue machine. The 5 gallon glue machine on the market generally uses 12CC flow rate, and the 55 gallon glue machine uses 20CC flow rate. Some manufacturers also use large flow pumps such as 30CC. The flow rate of the gear pump is large, and the amount of glue per unit time is more; the second is the glue channel of the pressure plate, and the smaller the channel, the glue amount is not enough; the last is the glue speed of the pressure plate, and the gear pump with large flow rate and In the platen channel, it is futile if the melting speed cannot meet the requirements. The largest melting speed on the market can reach 160KG/hour.

    2. The platen hot melt glue machine melts the solid pur hot melt adhesive into liquid glue by heating the platen, which is mainly completed by electric heating. Different formulas of pur hot melt adhesives and bonding materials need to be set to different heating Unreasonable temperature setting will cause problems such as wire drawing and degumming.

    3. The viscosity of the pur hot melt adhesive must match the heating temperature. When the viscosity is too high and the heating temperature is too low or the air pressure is not enough, the platen hot melt glue machine presses the liquid hot melt into the hot melt hose and hot melt adhesive. Glue blockage occurs when the gun is in the gun.

    4. The quality of pur hot melt adhesive is also very important. Some hot melt adhesives contain more impurities. After heating, they are pressed into the glue gun. If the glue is not cleaned for a long time, the body will be blocked, and the amount of glue sprayed will be reduced. This will affect the bonding effect, so it is more important to choose high-quality pur hot melt adhesive and to clean the filter in the hot melt adhesive machine regularly.