What is the application of the platen hot melt glue machine?


    The platen hot melt glue machine is also called the pur hot melt glue machine. The industrial application is to heat the solid pur hot melt adhesive into liquid hot melt adhesive, and the gear pump sucks the liquid hot melt adhesive through the deflector and heats and keeps it warm. The tube is finally sprayed onto the bonded object by a hot melt glue gun, so that the bonded object is stuck together. Therefore, the most basic function of the pur hot melt glue machine is to melt the pur hot melt glue and spray it out to apply glue to the bonding material. It has its own temperature control system inside, which can adjust the temperature of the pressure plate, heating insulation tube, hot melt glue gun, etc., and it also has a set of air pressure control system, which can drive the pressure plate by adjusting the air pressure intensity to realize the cylinder lift. Rise and fall.

    The application of platen hot melt glue machine is very wide. Many household tools in our lives use it for dispensing, such as washing machine cover, air conditioner filter, induction cooker, various combination furniture, etc. It can be equipped with a manual glue gun to complete glue dispensing. For some small companies, it can save the investment cost of large automatic equipment; at the same time, it can also be equipped with large automatic glue dispensers, assembly lines, robotic arms, etc. for automatic glue dispensing , Can double the production efficiency.