Working principle of platen hot melt glue machine


The platen hot melt glue machine is also called the pur hot melt glue machine. The pressure plate of the hot melt glue machine is equipped with a heater. First, the pressure plate is pressed into the pur rubber bucket through the lifting cylinder, and the pressure plate is heated. The pressure plate melts the upper solid pur hot melt glue in the plastic bucket that is in contact with it into liquid glue. The heating temperature of the pressure plate is controlled by the temperature control system and can be changed on the touch screen.

Then the gear pump sucks the molten liquid hot melt adhesive from the glue bucket, and delivers the hot melt adhesive to the glue gun through the deflector and the hose at a certain pressure, and sprays it to the bonded object through various glue guns. Our gear pump is installed on the deflector. It is driven by a variable-frequency speed-adjusting motor. The rotation speed can be changed and displayed on the touch screen. The speed of the gear pump is controlled by the variable-frequency speed-adjusting motor to adjust the amount of glue.